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About us!

Superb-QI Company, a California Company was established in 2023.

The company is specialized in "QI Products →Quantum Intelligent Information Products and QI -Services".

We emphasize that "PREVENTION is better than CURE".

o avoid paying high medical bills and costly medications. The best way is to utilize QI Products, the early the better→ a natural way to help micro circulation improvement which is the root to enhance immune system to recover a total health wellness naturally without taking medications.

Our unique products and QI Services:

 1) Superb QI-Rose Gold Card

 2) Superb QI-Disk

 3) Superb QI-Patches/Rolls

 4) Superb QI-Oxygen Mist

 5) Provide QI services → to Quantum customers' products upon request.

Please CALL for special quotes. 

Email Address: admin@superb-qi.com

or healthycode679@gmail.com

wechat: 9093484195

Line: 9093484195

whatsapp: 9093484195